About Andy

The Man

Andy Ogles is a Franklin native with deep family roots in Tennessee dating back to the founding of the state. Andy studied Political Science at MTSU and graduated with a Bachelor's degree.  He's had a successful career as an entrepreneur and has used his considerable experience in the non-profit sector. Andy and his wife, Monica, live on a farm in Middle Tennessee with their three children, Adley, Drew, and Isaac.
The Mission

In order to completely repeal Obamacare, pass substantial tax reforms, and halt illegal immigration, President Trump needs the support of true conservatives in the U.S. Senate.  Andy is committed to accomplishing these tasks while protecting hardworking Tennesseans from the whims of politicians and bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

The Motivation
Andy understands that restoring the vision of our Founding Fathers is essential to protecting the future of our children.

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